Managing product and process complexity across global development teams.

SmarTeam provides an proven, open and flexible solution for managing complexity in product & project development throughout it’s lifecycle, delivering ‘best practice’ PLM implementations within AEC, Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial Equipment and Life Sciences.

SmarTeam may also be implemented to allow distributed design teams to work as if they are in the same office and working off the same data and files. SmarTeam Multisite provides a replicated environment supporting true 24 hour global design, enabling a single global numbering system and single global EC workflow.
In summary:

Document Management

  • Integrated Multi-CAD & MS-Office file vaulting and revision management.
  • Mechanical CAD: Pro/E, CATIA, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Inventor, AutoCAD
  • Electronic CAD: Mentor, Cadence, Protel, Zuken
  • + viewing/printing of 200+ formats including analysis and full Redlining Capability

Processes and workflow

  • Full Engineering Change (ECO/ECN) management supported by advanced workflow, for control of complex products across a global business
  • Engineer-to-order Product Configurator for ‘Rule based ‘ automated creation of BOM and Documentation

Project management and planning

  • Support for Automotive quality planning, e.g. APQP, PPAP, FMEA for Automotive suppliers or companies adopting Automotive best practices.
  • Project Management, for managing Tasks and activities, linked to MS-Project, facilitating resource planning

BOM Centric SmarTeam solutions
Design Rule has taken the lead in delivering globally recognised, best practice, BOM Centric SmarTeam implementations for over 5 years. We have extensive experience and industry leading skills in using SmarTeam for creation and editing of Engineering Item Masters and Engineering BOM’s. As part of these real-world deployments, we have also developed advanced methodologies and tools that enhance the core capability of SmarTeam to deliver real-world, production-proven implementations, that today manage millions of Item masters.

  • Manage and release a single, integrated, Engineering BOM; e.g. Mechanical, Electronic and Software deliverables.
  • Engineering BOM release to Manufacture (ERP), including full context validation, to ensure Items are not released with in-complete data or un-released, dependent drawings or specifications
  • Management of prototype ‘physical baselines’ and as-built / as-maintained product configurations
  • Pre-release management of long lead items to procurement or tooling inc. risk assessment.
  • Part classification management by description or characteristic for rationalised component inventories

Global collaboration and Supply Chain Integration

  • True multi-site collaboration for ‘working in the same room’ product development capability , delivering 24 hour, around the clock, syncronised engineering teams. Supports single, global part/document numbering and EC process.
  • A sophisticated supplier collaboration portal that provides, in collaboration with SmarTeam BOM packages, the most secure and capable web interface for your suppliers to use whether they are view & print suppliers, or tightly integrated into your development team.

SmarTeam – ENOVIA V6 Migration Services

If you are existing SmarTeam customer, then you must be aware that, ENOVIA V6 is at the center of Dassault System’s product strategy for future. The ENOVIA V6 collaborative platform delivers the flexibility, open standards, scalability and industry-specific functionality today’s global enterprise as well as SMB companies.

SMARTEAM customers are evaluating various methodologies, approaches and tools for Migration to ENOVIA V6.
SteepGraph has developed SmarTV6 – SmarTeam to ENOVIA V6 Migration Tool to migrate all your SmarTeam data to ENOVIA V6.
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