3DDashboard Widget Development and Customization Services

Intro to 3DDashboard

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform consists of a suite of applications that can be easily accessed through the intuitive compass UI. One of the most popular applications in the suite is 3DDashboard. A typical 3DDashboard consists of several tab pages and each tab page consists of one or more widgets. A widget is basically an interactive application that can be leveraged for various use-cases like displaying project-related charts, info feeds, graphs and more.

To unlock the full potential of this powerful platform, SteepGraph offers a dedicated service for the development of new widget-based applications/ customization of OOTB widgets as per the business requirements of 3DEXPERIENCE 3DDashboard users.

What Do We Offer?

Our 3DDashboard widget development services offer a comprehensive solution to meet the growing need for new widget app development as well as enhancement/ customization of OOTB ones.

  • Support for Enhancement/ Customization of all OOTB widget apps
    For example, Route Management widget, Change Action widget, etc. You can customize any OOTB widget as per your business requirements.
  • Create New Widget Apps
    For example, KPI reports, S-Curve, etc. Build custom widgets as per your own business needs and deploy seamlessly within the 3DDashboard app.
  • Widget App Builder (EIA)
    Our EIA tool enables much faster development and deployment of new widgets.
  • Improve Widget Performance
    We can optimize the performance of your widgets by reducing hits on 3DSpace using indexed data.
  • UI Alignment With OOTB Widgets
    Match the look and feel of OOTB widgets for a better end-user experience.
  • Support for Custom Widget UI
    Enables non-OOTB widget UI design personalization and branding.
  • Javascript, AMD Specification and REST API Expertise
    Ensures quicker development of new widgets.
  • Analytics Expertise
    Helps us to better understand your dashboard analytics use cases.

Who All Can Benefit?

  • Existing 3DEXPERIENCE users with version 2015x and above.

  • Customers wanting to upgrade to 2015x and above and leverage 3DDashboard functionality.

  • New users of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Why Partner With SteepGraph For 3DDashboard Widget Development/ Customization Services?

  1. Focused on Customer’s Success
  2. 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Expertise​
  3. Project Execution Maturity
  4. Quality Driven Delivery Approach​
  5. Innovative Tools​
  6. Agile and Responsive​
  7. Global Delivery Model

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