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Prevention is better than cure. The very crux of software development is to establish monitoring and inspection processes at each stage of its life cycle.

Fixing an error is the cheapest during the development stage, which gets progressively expensive with each stage and is the  most expensive in the post-release maintenance phase. A code review tool automates the code inspection and monitoring process.

It is a major component in Continuous Integration (CI) which helps in keeping the code in its functional state. Before CI appeared, developers used to write thousands of lines of code, and then integrate them. The process of integration was prone to errors, tedious, and challenging.

Problem Statement
  • Non-compliance to coding standards
  • Code writing shortcuts used by developers to save time
  • Increase in defect fixing costs at later stages
  • More code maintenance costs
  • More effort in defect fixing (especially for GOD class & unstructured code)
  • Frequent build failures
  • Frequent deployment failures
  • Difficulty during team ramp-up sessions due to uncertain code
  • Sub-standard project quality
Software Development Cycle
Code Review Suit

Proposed Solution – SteepGraph’s Code Review Tool

Proposed Solution – A Code Review Tool
Key Benefits
  • Identify problems at an early stage of development before they reach a critical state.
  • Reduces risks
  • Increased code quality
  • Easy defect fixing
  • Easy maintenance of code post-production
  • Less/No Build and deployment failures
  • Quicker team ramp-up and resource onboarding
  • Improved project quality
  • Reduce individual skill/knowledge dependency
  • Measure the code quality
  • Catch pitfalls in code
  • Keep coding standard consistent across the complete software
Business Advantages
  • Effort/cost saving during testing and defect fixing phase
  • PCS testing focus on complex issues
  • Reduce planning risk
  • Maintainable code – Easier to Upgrade

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