Real-time data plays a very crucial role in checking the accuracy and integrity of systems during various phases of 3DEXPERIENCETM development and deployment. 3DX Data Loader is designed to create ENOVIA V6/3DEXPERIENCETM real-time data in fast and effective manner.

This tool can read any type of exported data (such as Documents, EBOM, Product data, etc) Excel, CSV, XML, JSON and other formats and load it into any version of ENOVIA with any type of customization. It can load big volume of data along with complex structures and files in very short time.

Need for Customer Data

Various stages when real-time customer data is needed:

  • PoC Data – Validate POC option with customer data. Easy for business to take a decision
  • Demo – Sprint demos are better explained with customer data
  • Test Automation – Test Automation works with predefined test data for test cases. Loading test data is the first step for automated test cases
  • SIT/UAT – Customer test data makes SIT/UAT more realistic
  • PCS – Performance/Capacity/Scalability best tested with a database having a large volume of customer data
  • Functional/Unit Testing – Realistic data helps to develop application FTR (First Time Right)

How 3DX Data Loader Works?

Data Loader


  • Input data can be in any format like XLS, CSV, XML, JSON, etc
  • Maps to any target data model
  • Adapts to changing data model as project evolves
  • Load big and complex data structures
  • Ability to scale vertically by configuring more threads
  • Ability to scale horizontally by adding more nodes (machines) for processing
  • Has good logging mechanism
  • Has good exception handling

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