3DEXPERIENCE Upgrade Services


The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is a state-of-the-art PLM platform with rich business processes and collaboration tools for engineering and manufacturing domains. Customers who are currently using older versions of eMatrix/ ENOVIA, along with their existing customizations, should upgrade to the latest 3DEXPERIENCE version to leverage the latest and greatest that Dassault Systèmes has to offer.

Why Upgrade to the Latest 3DEXPERIENCE Version?

  • Leverage 3DX as an integrated PLM platform for ENOVIA, DELMIA, CATIA V6 and more.
  • Take advantage of new features of various modules in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
  • Project-based security model.
  • Power’BY multi-CAD data management.
  • Custom dashboards and widgets.
  • 6W tags for effective searches.
  • Nice look and feel
  • Get full-text search capability with EXALEAD.

3DEXPERIENCE Upgrade Challenges

  • Heavy customization of OOTB functionalities in the source system.
  • Change in OOTB data model during merging/ splitting of OOTB Centrals.
  • Unstructured upgrade methodology.
  • Conflict in new OOTB functionalities and existing/ expected business processes.
  • Manual and lengthy deployment processes which create overhead in the development cycle.

SteepGraph’s 3DEXPERIENCE Upgrade Methodology

SteepGraph has proven upgrade technical methodology that is tuned and tested over and over by performing many upgrades.

Key Capabilities
  • SteepGraph has developed reusable ANT scripts that automate upgrade steps.
  • Three-way merging methodology to precisely identify customizations to be moved to newer 3DEXPERIENCE versions.
  • Maintenance of change history in most used centrals, release by release.
  • Knowledgebase of typical issues and its fixes that help all consultants working on the upgrade project in faster resolution.
  • Standard project plan and work package structure for upgrade projects. This ensures consistency across upgrade projects.
  • Robust tools for development including Eclipse, JIRA, and Jenkins
  • Experienced team to work dedicatedly on every upgrade project
    • Project Manager
    • Infrastructure Expert
    • ENOVIA V6 and 3DEXPERIENCE Developers
    • Subject Matter Expert
    • DBA
    • Customer Business Processes Testing Team
    • Dassault Systèmes Customer Support
    • Technical Architect

SteepGraph Upgradation Project Experience

CustomerSource VersionTarget VersionMain Centrals Used
Reliance Group India2010x2018xEngineering Central
UAE Based Aerospace SupplierENOVIA V6 R2013x3DEXPERIENCE 2017xLibrary Central, Change Management, Program Central, Engineering Central, Designer Central, CATIA V5 Integration, AutoVue Integration, Requirements Central, Variant Management and Configuration, Manufacturing BOM Management, Microsoft Server Integration, 3DLive Examine
Indian Fabric and Fashion Retailer2015x2017xDesigner Central and Integrations
HMEL20112017xEngineering Central, Team Central, Change Management
German Industrial Engineering and Steel Producer2012x2015xEngineering Central
Designer Central
SW Integration
AutoCAD Integration
Austria Based Furniture Manufacturing Company20122015xEngineering Central
Program Central
Variant Configuration Central
US Based Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing Company2010x2015xMulti Discipline Collaboration Platform
Collaborative Space Management
Engineering Central
Program Central
Manufacturing Central
Material Compliance Central
Library Central
Designer Central
Sourcing Central
Connector for SolidWorks
New Balance2010x2015xEngineering Central, Program Central, Apparel Accelerator
US Based Leading Supplier of Inspection Tools2010x2013xEngineering Central
UAE Based Composite Aerostructures Manufacturing CompanyV6R2011xV6R2013xEngineering Central
Library Central
Program Central
Variant Configuration Central
Designer Central
CATIA V5 Integration
Microsoft Project Integration
French Pharmaceutical CompanyV6R2011V6R2012x GACPN Accelerator (CPG Accelerator for Integrated Product Management)
MCC (Material Compliance Central)
PRG (Program Central)
ENG (Engineering Central)
LBC (Library Central)
RMT (Requirement Central)
FTR (Variant Configuration Central)
German Multinational Dairy Products Producer10.5V6R2012Engineering Central
Designer Central
Team Central
CATIA V5 Integration
Australian Aerospace Engineering CompanyMatrix 10.8V6R2012 GAAerospace and Defense Accelerator
PRG (Program Central)
ENG (Engineering Central)
FTR (Variant Configuration Central)
MS Office Integration
German Automotive CompanyV6R2012 FP1204V6R2012 FP1237Program Central
Requirements Central
Variant Configuration Central
VPM Central


  • Go-Live achieved in the estimated time-frame.
  • License mapping done accurately without impacting any user experience.
  • Performed a successful upgrade after the first vendor failed.

Why Partner With Us For Your PLM Upgradation Project?

  • Converts all global search functionalities to EXALEAD based search so that customers can leverage blazing-fast EXALEAD index searching.
  • We would replace your custom jsps with OOTB webforms wherever applicable to you’re your code much more manageable.
  • Provide enhanced training material to comply with the new release.
  • Execute performance tuning.
  • FCS data reconciliation will be performed to identify corrupt or missing files on FCS locations.

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