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Why to use 3DX TAS ?

For all those customers who have been using ENOVIA/3DEXPERIENCE platform, there is always nervousness before deploying anything new. There can be many scenarios that need thorough testing like – Green-field Implementation, Fix Packs, Major Upgrades, Maintenance Patches, IT Patches, and Scheduled enhancements. This means manual testing efforts are needed, but certainly, that comes with many challenges.

What you can do with 3DX TAS ?

Everything you need for 3DX application test automation, we have !!

Script Generation

Faster and Smoother Script Development

Lightweight extension for Web and an easy installation set up for Native recording is available. Using which your script development experience can be awesome.

Test Case Execution

Easy and Efficient Execution

With super easy steps any user can do the execution of defined test cases with Flexibility of capturing video/screen for execution of test cases and many more capabilities.

Dynamic Reporting

Actionable Reporting and Logging

See all executed test cases in the form of reports containing tables and bar charts. Multiple Report types - execution status, execution history, execution cycle comparison along with web-based reporting is supported.

Efficient Integrations

Seamless Integrations
with JIRA

Test case executions in TAS can be tracked in JIRA as issues. Entire test case management can be done in JIRA seamlessly.

What’s the scope of 3DX TAS?

Use Cases

3DX TAS has really a wide range of scope and applicability across the entire platform covering both
Web i.e., 3DEXPERIENCE/ENOVIA and Native i.e., CATIA/DELMIA. Below are the list of testing
types supported by 3DX TAS.

Supported Testing Types

Functional Testing

Regression Testing


Integration Testing

Data-driven Testing

What’s inside of 3DX TAS ?

Lets see the architectural view of 3DX TAS and what are the various powerful components that
make test automation in 3DEXPERIENCE/ENOVIA a fun game.



What value does 3DX TAS bring
for your PLM testing program?

Let us understand some key benefits
you can get upon using 3DX TAS.

Build Scalable QA Strategies

3DX TAS is purposely built to offer a robust and scalable automation testing solution for high-quality 3DX platform deployments and support.

Cost and Resource Saving

Being a competent test automation solution for 3DX Platform, it surely minimizes the efforts and time spent on the manual-side drastically, which automatically saves quite a handful.

Comprehensive End-to-End Testing

With extensive coverage for both 3DX Web and 3DX Native, the testing solution and automation can be end-to-end and widely comprehensive.

Reduced Regressions

As 3DEXPERIENCE applications (both Web and Native) hold a wide range of functionality and solutions built-in, hence with manual testing regression is something like default. But with 3DX TAS you can make your application regression free.

Business Friendly Frameworks

3DX TAS is very business-friendly in terms of recording, executions, or reporting. Even business users or non-technical users can easily contribute to testing.

Actionable Reporting and Useful Integrations

Actionable reporting helps to make dynamic reports on all the required aspects with enhanced emailable reports. Integrates with JIRA for more efficient test case execution with logging and reporting capabilities right in the JIRA interface.

Low Learning Curve

A given tool might be widely known and used, but if its learning curve is too steep, that might be a bad sign. The best part of 3DX TAS is we have a low learning curve. With easy-going and clean UI we can surely bet on making things work your way. Moreover, the cherry on the cake is that we have scripting language as XML programming, which is super easy to understand and code.

What makes us so special? You.

Our customers love 3DX TAS almost
as much as we love them.

Accelerating 3DX PLM
Program Testing at a
Leading Telecom Equipment Manufacturer


Man-hours of testing has been
saved by adopting 3DX TAS

Yes, 3DX TAS can make a difference !!

With 3DX TAS your PLM program and ultimately your can business achieve a lot – faster time to market, making your platform more efficient in terms of quality, System stability, and so on. But we at SteepGraph
always strive to give customers something more than others.

Quality Service (World-class support)

SteepGraph has been known for its top-notch technology services in the PLM industry for more than a decade now. And we clearly understand that purchasing a software is not enough. Organization wide this is a very speculative concern of getting a desired service specifically to automation software. With 3DX TAS we SGS do not just provide quality service but also access to access to qualified team of TAS experts.

Guided Tutorials

As a user of 3DX TAS, you will be having access to wide range high quality video tutorials as well as documentation related to 3DX TAS, which we keep on updating with every release of ours. Video tutorials have step by step walkthrough on all the required steps from end user perspective. Reference Documentation holds in detailed versions of each module of 3DX TAS, which can help end user as well as Testers for quick reference. Isn’t that awesome!!

Do numbers make you happy?

Cost Savings >

Time Savings >

Scale Your 3DEXPERIENCE PLM Testing Program With 3DX TAS

Getting a tailored solution for 3DX application automation testing has never been easier.

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