ARAS – AutoCAD Integration

When using CAD data, maintaining references to related data and maintaining structural information and versioning of the data is key aspect. If this is not managed by automation, it becomes extremely tedius task for CAD users to maintain structures.

Recongnizing this need, SteepGraph has developed ARAS-AutoCAD Integration. This is complete integration with following features

  • Checkin: Checkin CAD data along with its references to ARAS by staying in AutoCAD environment itself
  • Search: From AutoCAD environment,Search for CAD documents available in ARAS.You can search by latest version, revision etc
  • Checkout: Checkout searched AutoCAD documents along with its reference data from ARAS
  • Lock: Acquire lock on CAD Document so that it has exclusive edit access for the locker
  • Unlock: Release lock on CAD document, so that other users can edit the CAD document
  • Attribute Synchronization: Synchronize attributes from AutoCAD Document to ARAS item and vise versa
The framework being developed is generic enough to extend it to any other CAD tool like ProEngineer, CATIA, Solidworks etc and manage CAD structure information.

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