Business Consulting


How to do ensure that PLM benefits are realized as a part of Implementation of the PLM Project? How to ensure that business objectives are met?

  • To map business objectives to PLM benefits
  • To validate fitment of PLM concept to our business environment
  • To ensure that Best PLM platform is chosen
  • Define realistic plan for the implementation of the concepts
Our Methodology
  • Detailed analysis of PLM Needs
  • Conducting numerous workshops demonstrating on actual system how business requirements map
  • Gather high level requirements and map them to PLM features
  • Assess which requirements need configuration, customization
  • Put together detailed plan of phase wise implementation
Value Proposition
  • Rich consulting experience of mapping business requirements to PLM features
  • Understanding of PLM features
  • Ability to understand custom business processes
  • Add more values by leveraging the PLM core functionalities (for managing Engineering & non-Engineering business processes)

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