3DEXPERIENCE platform is the state-of-the-art PLM platform with rich business processes and collaboration tools for Engineering and Manufacturing domains. Customers who are currently using older versions of eMatrix/ENOVIA and wish to move to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, can leverage our enterprise-grade ENOVIA to 3DEXPERIENCE migration adapter.

Objectives of Migration

The latest evolution of PLM platform, 3DEXPERIENCE delivers the maximum flexibility, open standards, scalability, optimal cost, and industry-specific functionalities. Customers, who are still using very old releases of ENOVIA e.g. Version 10.5, version 10.7, etc., and are interested to take advantage of the latest releases of 3DEXPERIENCE for –

  • Better look and feel
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Integrated platform for CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA and other DS brands
  • Easy to search, explore and open 3D data, manipulate tree and filter the data.
  • Improved access mechanism
  • Better security and segregation of data
  • Out of the box reports, dashboards

When moving to 3DEXPERIENCE platform, customers have 2 choices – either they upgrade or they migrate.

Upgrade Methodology

  • Upgrade brings both: Business logic through customization + Data
  • When this methodology is suitable?
    • When jump in version from legacy to target version is small.
    • All (or most) of the customizations, done in the current system, to be carried forward in 3DEXPERIENCE.
  • When this methodology is not suitable?
    • If the jump in version is too high, more often base OOTB functionality itself would undergo significant changes in latest release of 3DEXPERIENCE.
    • Hence existing customizations are either irrelevant/redundant or very costly to merge with base features in latest release

Migration Methodology

  • Bring only data from legacy Matrix/ENOVIA system
  • Use OOTB features and processes from latest 3DEXPERIENCE release
  • Implement new customizations those are absolutely required on top of latest release.
  • When this methodology is suitable when upgrade is too costly, but data needs to be taken to latest 3DEXPERIENCE release

Considerations When Migrating

  • What data to migrate – all or only released?
  • Site by Site migration, versus all sites together?
  • Product by Product Migration, versus all Products together
  • Robustness of Migration – migration process monitoring, logging & failover strategy
  • Size of the data and Migration Performance
  • Budget and Timeline

Key Challenges

  • Maintaining data integrity, Completeness & Correctness
  • Source Data Correction
  • Validation of Migrated data
  • Configurability for data transformation
  • Migration in Budget & in Timelines
  • Minimal roll-out downtime
  • Migration process monitoring, logging, and delta failover strategy
  • Migration Performance

About ENOVIA to 3DEXPERIENCE Migration Adapter

Data Support

The migration adapter supports migration of any CAD and NON-CAD data to 3DEXPERIENCE platform including (but not limited to):

  • Solidworks
  • AutoCAD
  • Inventor
  • NX
  • Viewable
  • Documents
  • Parts
  • BOMs
  • Persons
  • Collaborative Spaces (if applicable)
  • All other OOTB and Custom data
  • History


The migration process contains three major steps: Extraction, Transformation, and Loading.

  • Source (eMatix/ENOVIA V6) data is extracted into intermediate database.
  • Transformer will read the extracted data and convert it into 3DEXPERIENCE Transformer is fully configurable, and user can define any custom mapping. User can also apply the custom logic in transformation process.Transformer will store transformed data into another intermediate database.
  • Loader will read the transformed database and load it into 3DE

Data Scope

  • Full data in scope:In this case, the entire data from Source including all revisions and versions will be migrated.
  • Subset of the data:For example, Latest Released data to be migrated. Note that it is very important to maintain structural integrity of the data, when migrating a subset of the data.

Scalable Migration Framework for High Throughput

ENOVIA TO 3DEXPERIENCE Migrator is based on very extensible and scalable framework for migration. The framework has below capabilities to have high throughput of the migration and minimize the migration window.

  • Ability to Scale Vertically by configuring more threads
  • Ability to Scale Horizontally by adding more nodes (machines) for processing
  • Loose coupling between Source and Target Systems. Can replace one of them or both by keeping framework components as reusable
  • Has good logging mechanism
  • Has good exception handling
  • Has good Transaction Handling capabilities and in case of any error – it aborts transaction leaving database state consistent
  • Highly Configurable in terms of mappings. All mapping configurations in XML
  • Highly Extendible to OOTB/Custom classes, attributes
  • Real-time monitoring of Migration Process
  • Time and Cost Effective – With migration framework, efforts and timeline of migration projects are estimated to be reduced up to 60%

Migration Monitoring Console

When actual migration is run, it is important to get visibility of the migration progress. To provide the up to date progress, Migration Monitoring Console is provided.

Key Features of Migration Monitoring Console

  • Provides monitoring of each of the phase of the migration – Extraction, Transformation, Loading
  • It provides an overview of the process – indicating Successful/Remaining/Failed data with ability to drill down to specific category for example – to list failed data
  • Indicates progress per running thread on each of the machine being deployed for migration
  • Filter the data per type
  • Monitor the progress of specified duration – say last 30 minutes
  • Very intuitive user interface and very fast data navigation
  • Automatic refresh of the console after every 60 seconds.

Why Partner With SteepGraph Systems?

  1. PLM Focused ( 120+Consultants, 200+ Projects, 14+ Countries, 100+ Customers)
  2. Dassault Systèmes Services and Migration Partner
  3. 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Expertise
  4. Focused on Customer Success and Value Creation
  5. Proven Tools and Migration Methodology

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