Enterprise Migration Framework


When you are deprecating your legacy system it’s important that all enterprise data laying in the legacy system is completely migrated to the new system. The migrated data needs to map well to the data model of the new system and features of the new system should be able to use this migrated data. The quality, completeness and accuracy of the data migration have great impact on adoption of new system by the users.

  • Migration of data from source PLM to target PLM (3DEXPERIENCE, Teamcenter, Custom/Legacy PDM)


Below are key challenges being faced by Customers when migrating data from legacy system to PLM

  • Data Modelsof legacy system and target system are totally different. One needs to understand very well functionality of legacy system, its data model and how to map then to PLM data model. These mappings are usually complex.
  • If no migration framework is used, the efforts, timeline and cost become very high and sometimes overshadow cost of PLM implementation cost itself.
  • Validation of the data becomes very time consuming.
  • The migration activity must complete is narrow time window – typically over the weekend.

Migration Framework

Functional Features:
Below is the quick summary of the functional features the migration framework supports:

Data Sources Supported:
The framework supports various data sources and is extendible to support any legacy system

Migration Monitoring Console:
The framework provides migration monitoring console to get real time status of migration and drill down failed data sets if any.

SteepGraph Migration Service Benefits:

  • SteepGraph is PLM Focused Company and is Dassault Systemes Services Partner for 3DEXPERIENCE.
  • SteepGraph has high competency on 3DEXPERIENCE, SMARTEAM and other Dassault Systems Products
  • SteepGraph has very good Experience on Teamcenter PLM migration Projects
  • SteepGraph has extensive experience of large scale migrations
  • SteepGraph has sophisticated tools and technology built to reduce cost and timelines of Migrations
  • SteepGraph has onsite-offshore model to be cost effective
  • SteepGraph has worked with Global Customer’s in more than 12 counties including North America, Europe, Australia, Middle East and India
  • SteepGraph has experience of End-to-End PLM implementation Experience