Enterprise Migration Framework

Importance of Data Migration

When you are deprecating your legacy system, it’s important that all enterprise data laying in the legacy system is completely migrated to the new system. The migrated data needs to be mapped well to the data model of the new system and features of the new system should be able to use this migrated data. The quality, completeness, and accuracy of the data migration have a great impact on the adoption of a new system by the users.


Some key challenges being faced by customers when migrating data from a legacy system to a modern PLM system like 3DEXPERIENCE.

  • Data Models of the legacy system and target system are totally different. One needs to understand very well the functionality of the legacy system, its data model and how to map them to PLM data model. These mappings are usually complex.
  • If no migration framework is used, the efforts, timeline, and cost become very high and sometimes overshadow the cost of PLM implementation cost itself.
  • Validation of the data becomes very time-consuming.
  • The migration activity must complete in narrow time window– typically over the weekend.

Data Sources Supported

The framework supports various data sources and is extendible to support any legacy system.

Our Migration Tools Powered By Enterprise Migration Framework

SmarTeam to 3DEXPERIENCE Migration Tool

Run a successful data migration of your SmarTeam data to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with our powerful migration tool.


Seamlessly migrate eMatrix or older versions of ENOVIA to the 3DEXPERIENCE version of ENOVIA.

SolidWorks PDM to 3DEXPERIENCE Migration Tool

Manage your CAD data in the 3DEXPERIENCE environment by moving all data from SolidWorks PDM.

Autodesk Vault to 3DEXPERIENCE Migration Tool

Migrate data from Autodesk Compass to 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Documentum to 3DEXPERIENCE Migration Tool

Easily switch from Documentum and make 3DEXPERIENCE your main document management platform.

High-level Architecture Diagram

enterprise migration framework architecture diagram by SteepGraph Systems

Key Advantages of Enterprise Migration Framework

  • Ability to Scale Vertically by configuring more threads
  • Ability to Scale Horizontally by adding more nodes (machines) for processing
  • Loose coupling between Source and Target Systems. Can replace one of them or both by keeping framework components as reusable
  • Has good logging mechanism
  • Has good exception handling
  • Has good Transaction Handling capabilities, and in case of any error – it aborts transaction leaving database state consistent
  • Highly Configurable in terms of mappings. All mapping configurations in XML
  • Highly Extendible to OOTB/Custom classes, attributes
  • Real-time monitoringof the migration process
  • Time and Cost Effective– With migration framework, efforts and timeline of migration projects are estimated to be reduced up to 60%

Migration Monitoring Console

When actual migration is running, it is important to get complete visibility of the migration progress. To provide the up to date progress, Migration Monitoring Console is provided.

migration monitoring console by SteepGraph Systems

Key Features

  • Provides monitoring of each phase of the migration process – Extraction, Transformation, Loading
  • It provides an overview of the progress-indicating successful/remaining/failed data with the ability to drill down to a specific category
  • Indicates progress per running thread on each of the machines being deployed for migration
  • Filter the data per type
  • Monitor the progress of specified duration – say last 30 minutes
  • Very intuitive user interface and very fast data navigation
  • Automatic refresh of the console after every 60 seconds

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