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PharmaLean – SteepGraph Systems’ PLM Solution for pharmaceutical companies. It helps them to create a product right from the first stage, to developing, selling and improving upon it based on market requirement, research and feedback. PharmaLean is industry specific unique solution to manage R&D Projects, Technology Transfer Projects, New Launch Projects and Commercial Projects in collaborative environment.

For Pharmaceutical companies developing a drug-even though it is based on an existing drug-require an enough amount of research and development, analysis and experimentation. Documentation has to be created and submitted to regulatory institutions to ensure that each and every compliance requirements are considered. These processes are to be managed and accomplished within a certain time-frame and at a competitive price.
There could be multiple projects executed at a single time; managing several project progress is a challenge. A PLM solution is then required to manage the product development, R&D costs and introduction of the drug within a given time frame.

Key Features

Project Management

Project Management makes sure that you achieve all the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived constraints. User can Creates and manages all project information from single screen. Managing project timelines is simplified due to a variety of options like Project planning, Automatic updates, Automatic Notifications, Time estimation, Data retrieval and Project status

Resource/Equipment Loading

Central Resource Loading shows current load of selected Members/Machines for selected Projects. From Resource loading view one can Expand Shrink Actvities, Manage Resource Load and auto conflict overload.

ToDo Management

Generates, assigns and manages activities, tasks and recurring tasks for organization, project, personal or any other. It allows traceability of decisions and accountability.

Material Management
From SAP, Material master is fetched for reference to R&D Team with PO and PR data. Material Master and status is for view purpose and is refreshed from SAP on daily basis. It gives access to SAP material data status to all users of R&D. It reduces SAP License cost.

Batch Planning

From final BOM, MRP for R&D could be run based on batch quantity required and material stock in SAP.

BOM Management

Experimental BOMs can be managed n the system.

Document Management

When different departments working on same project, documents and dealing with same details data duplication, replication and data mismatches are very common. It provides a secure online file repository that ensures all users are accessing a single version of the truth in relation to products, processes and files. It automatically manages state in integration with lifecycle and workflow. It manages automated version, revision and change management

Timesheet Management

It records time spent on activities/tasks/projects. After analysis it generates some reports of actual v/s estimated hour/cost for Project/Employee

Artwork and labeling Management
Artwork and labelling development collaboration is managed in system as a workflow. It reduces development time and improves accuracy.

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