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In a journey to create PLM awareness


Key Speaker:- 
Himanshu ZALAVADIYA, CEO – SteepGraph Systems
Passionate to create PLM awareness and bring value out of it for customers.

About SteepGraph:-
SteepGraph is delivering PLM values since 2009. Currently with local presence in India, USA, and Europe. We have served 100+ Customers with 200+ Successful projects in 15+ Countries. We are partners with ARAS & Dassault holding expertise on multiple PLM Software. The major industries we serve are Automotive, Aerospace, High Tech, Energy, Construction & Medical devices. In service we d0 Implementation, Data Loading, Customization, Configuration, Infra Support, PLM Annual Maintenance, and Support, Training & New Module Developments. For updates follow our LinkedIn:

PLM Adoption Readiness Checkpoints & PLM Selection approach for Suppliers

SteepGraph hosted a Global webinar for Suppliers on November 25, 2021. The event included a presentation by SteepGraph followed by Q&A. Key Speaker during this event – Mr. Himanshu ZALAVADIYA (Founder and CEO, SteepGraph) shared in depth insights on the PLM adoption process in the context of the supplier’s industry.

This webinar speaks to what needs to be taken into account before Implementing a PLM in the Supplier’s world, which includes…

  • How supplier can start a digital transformation journey
  • Understand Prerequisites to Start the PLM journey
  • 7 – Step approach to check readiness for PLM
  • PLM needs are not the same for OEM and Suppliers. What should be your Focus in PLM Selection?
  • What’s the right time & way to adapt PLM as a Supplier?
  • Is it necessary to use the same PLM as my OEM?
  • How do I split my PLM journey into different Phases?
  • Different effective modules of PLM for Suppliers

SteepGraph’s aim to deliver this webinar was to help the supplier community to know their PLM coordinates & define a roadmap for further digital transformation journey which is effective in real-time use. For ready reference of this in-depth knowledge, Webinar Recording is available for reference and those who couldn’t make it. Please access the recording at the following link.

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