R.A.C.E Implementation Offering

(Dassault Systemes has renamed R.A.C.E as “Once Click Deployment Experience”  from 2014 Release )

What is R.A.C.E.?

  • R.A.C.E. is not a product, offer, or commercial software bundle. It is a predefined environment available when you deploy ENOVIA
  • It includes a preset definition of data, process rules, and organizational models in order to reduce or avoid any additional changes by customers
  • R.A.C.E. is quick implementation methodology that can support up gradation at zero costs
  • SteepGraph R.A.C.E services offerings are available for purchase through Dassault Systemes Value added Resellers

R.A.C.E. benefits

  • Reduced Cost of Implementation & hence rapid ROI
  • Dassault Systemes Multi-Brand Apps Integration
  • Pre-defined behaviors, rules, roles based on customer experience
  • Zero upgrade Costs and so reduce TCO for customer

Why SteepGraph for R.A.C.E. implementation

R.A.C.E. is special configuration environment with special packaging. To achieve the benefit of auto upgrade with zero up gradation effort, any configuration and customization made on R.A.C.E. based implementation must follow R.A.C.E. implementation rules and methodology which ensures R.A.C.E. framework and upgradability maintains intact.

  • If special rules are not followed while customization of R.A.C.E. based environment, entire environment loses the R.A.C.E. benefits and DS cannot guarantee on quick upgrade of R.A.C.E. for next release.
  • SteepGraph has expertise on R.A.C.E. Configuration methodology.
  • SteepGraph has in depth knowledge on rules for configuration and customization approach for R.A.C.E. based environment.
  • Expertise on QuickScript is mandatory to implement R.A.C.E. compliant environment. SteepGraph has QuickScript Expertise.