Training & Roll Out


How do I ensure that with roll out of new system, business users quickly become productive with the new system?How do I ensure that users in different roles get relevant training to perform their task?

  • Different roles need different training as per tasks they perform on day-to-day basis.
  • Mapping of existing business processes to PLM workflows in critical.
Our Methodology
  • We make high level outline of the training that includes content, delivery methodology, mapping of content to roles, duration of training, participants background expectations etc
  • We get inputs from business in terms of business processes to be covered as a part of training
  • Business processes are mapped to PLM workflow
  • Different roles are trained on different modules, with basic module is covered for all participants.
  • Hands on exercises are covered
Value Proposition
  • We work closely with business to ensure that all business processes are covered as a part of training
  • Experienced trainers